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Pallet Services

In addition to pallet sales, we offer a variety of services for treating pallets to strengthen them, prevent mold, and meet ISPM-15 export requirements for timely international shipments.

We can also repair pallets for customers who maintain their own pallets. We also provide environmentally friendly disposal and repurposing of scrap pallets.

Mat pallets
New Pallet
Specialty Pallet

Heat Treating

Our pallets can be heat treated and certified to meet ISPM-15 export requirements for timely international shipments.

Mold Protection

Mold-free pallets are rapidly becoming a requirement in the wooden pallet industry. To meet food industry codes, Oakmoor Pallet utilizes PQ-80 applications on pallets or moisture reduction of wood components to less than 20% moisture content when requested.


Drying not only prohibits germination of mold spores and mold growth, but dry pallets are stronger, more durable and weigh much less than green pallets.

Pallet Analysis & Design or Redesign

We’ll partner with you to evaluate your current pallet specifications and if it’s appropriate utilize our PDS (Pallet Design System) to design or redesign a pallet for your specific application.

Pallet Sort & Repair Programs

Oakmoor Pallet offers a complete programs to retrieve, sort and repair pallets for customers who maintain their own pool of pallets.

Scrap Removal Programs

Oakmoor Pallet can arrange environmentally friendly disposal of your scrap pallets. Components of these pallets like nails can be recycled and the lumber can be mulched. Our scrap removal program incorporates green disposal processes which complement your corporate sustainability initiatives.